GSE Digital Community Badges

Working Group Badges

Welcome to the official page for our prestigious GSE Working Group Badges! This space acts as the central repository for badges recognising your expertise and active involvement in our specialised focus groups. Just like our attendee badges, these accolades hold unique value within the broader GSE community and are a testament to your contributions.

GSE Working Group Chairperson

The GSE Chairperson Badge signifies your exemplary leadership and commitment within a GSE Regional Working Group. As a holder of this badge, you stand as a symbol of extensive knowledge, team spirit, and adherence to GSE’s standards. This digital recognition celebrates your significant contributions to the GSE community and underlines your dedication to advancing our collective goals. Wear this badge with pride as a testament to your service and influential role in shaping GSE’s future.
  • Collaboration
  • Community Leadership
  • Team Player
  • Must be or has been a Chairperson for a Working Group in one of the GSE regions

GSE Working Group Liaison

As a GSE Liaison Officer, you play a crucial role in fostering a productive partnership between GSE Working Groups and Technology Providers. Your commitment lies in facilitating a shared vision and Technology Ecosystem, serving as a key connector. Your role involves gathering and sharing up-to-date insights, ensuring effective communication and cooperation. This badge exemplifies your unwavering dedication to fostering synergy and nurturing robust collaborative relationships.

  • Collaboration
  • Communications
  • Cooperation
  • Technology Ecosystems